Laura Hawkins | Corvallis Fashion and Lifestyle Photography

Laura is a junior at Oregon State who is hoping to pursue modeling on the side. I met with her last week and we shot four different looks in an effort to build up her portfolio. Not only is she tall, thin, tan and gorgeous, but she is also very adept at managing her facial expressions in front of the camera. While shooting the athletic and commercial photos, I told her to look genuinely happy, and she was quickly able to conjure up a beautiful convincing smile! A lot of models can pose well but can’t necessarily control their emotions, but she can do both. I think she definitely has a lot of potential and I would certainly recommend her to other photographers or agencies!

Our four looks were editorial, commercial, athletic and beauty.

1. Editorial:

2. Commercial:

3. Athletic:

4. Beauty:

Michelle and Stephen | Corvallis Portrait Photography

Koda. Cooking. Color. Science. Exercise. Smiles. Laughter. Happiness. Curiosity.

These are the first things that come to mind when I try to describe Michelle and Stephen. They love being around each other and they love life. Whether its playing with Stephen’s puppy, discovering new healthy recipes, or studying physics together, they always seem to find something to smile and giggle over. This is why I thought that they would make perfect models for a styled couple shoot. I’ve been wanting to try something a little fancier than my typical portrait sessions, so I worked with them in advance to style a shoot that would suit them perfectly. They both love treats, trucks, Koda, and bright colors, so I styled a shoot that attempted to incorporate all these things together. It was a little stressful, but a ton of fun! Thanks Michelle for making the cupcakes!

The sad thing about all this is that Michelle is moving to Boston in about three weeks to go to grad school, so her and Stephen don’t have much time left together. Knowing this fact made the photoshoot just that more important. I love you two!

Laura McGarry | Corvallis Senior Pictures

Laura McGarry is a beautiful girl with a huge heart. I’ve known her for a few years now; I met her when I had just started dating my boyfriend Wil back in early 2009. She is a singer in OSU’s female acapella group Divine, and it’s always really fun to go hear her belt it at events on campus.

Laura is the first in her family to graduate from college, so I took some college senior pictures for her yesterday on campus! She’s going to go on to do great things, I just know it. Part of that might be because she is going to grad school in Malibu this August! So proud and happy for her!

Cathie Carroll | Portland Portrait Photography

Cathie emailed me several months ago about getting some updated headshots and body shots for where she is now in life. She told me that she had just turned 50, and seemed damn proud of it! I love that sort of attitude about life. When I met her this past weekend, I could see why she wanted to take some portraits- she looks amazing! I can only hope that I look half as hot as she does at her age! Cathie’s confidence and playfulness was really fun to photograph, and it definitely came out in the pictures; she has so much personality!

We shot all these pictures in the area surrounding the Keller Fountain in downtown Portland. I was bummed that the fountain was turned off, but we made the best of the spot anyway 🙂

Lisa, Lucy and Marie | Portland Portrait Photography

These three girls are graduating from high school this June, and are having a big grad party together to celebrate! I don’t know how many years they have been best friends, but my gut instinct tells me that it has been a long time. They wanted to get some shots together before going off to college in the fall, so we went to Washington Park last Saturday to have some fun! Somehow, despite the daunting forecast, it didn’t start raining until we were done. Thank you Oregon!

Congrats on graduating you three! Good luck in college next year!

Happy Mother’s Day! | Corvallis Family Portraits

Happy Mother’s Day! I hope everyone is having a great day with their mom! My mom and I went shoe shopping this morning, and I also bought her a nice bottle of wine while we were at Trader Joes (love that store!). Not too fancy of a day, but spending a little bit of time together is always great! I picked my little sisters up from Eugene on Friday and brought them home to see her as a surprise, so just the fact that we are all home together for the weekend has been nice 🙂

Enough about me though! In honor of Mother’s Day, I thought I’d share some of my latest mother-daughter portraits! Last Sunday, in preparation for mother’s day, (and because it was OSU’s Mom’s Weekend) I offered a special deal on family portrait shoots. I had an amazing time photographing Kellie and Mallory and their respective mothers on OSU’s campus. It was sunny and gorgeous and we all had a wonderful time! Girls and their moms always end up being all giggly and ridiculous in front of my camera, and I love it!

Here’s Kellie and her mom:

And this is Mallory and her mom:

Thanks for working with me ladies! I had a great time!

Silken, Riley, Lindsey, Laura and Anita | Newport Senior Pictures

Oregon weather usually likes to make my life miserable this time of year. It seems like every time I schedule a shoot in advance, it ends up pouring rain that day, resulting in a miserable shoot or having to postpone everything.

Not last weekend though.

The birds were chirping. The sun was shining. A light breeze was blowing. It was 70 degrees. I could not have been happier.

And then five gorgeous girls got out of their car to meet me for their senior pictures. Each and every one of them was stunning. Tall, thin, fashionable. The photography gods must have been smiling down on me that day.

The girls are all graduating from high school in Newport this June. I had an amazing time working with each of them at a total of 5 fun locations near the coast. Enjoy!