Mom’s Weekend Fashion Show Posters | Oregon Fashion Photography

Each year, OSU holds Mom’s Weekend in the spring, and the MUPC puts on a variety of events, including a huge fashion show with a variety of renowned designers from Corvallis and Portland, and even bigger names like H&M. This year’s fashion show will be themed as a “Rococo Rendezvous,” and I was lucky enough to shoot the posters promoting the event! I had to wait until these posters went up before I was able to post any of the final shots, so I’ve been holding onto them for the past month just waiting!

A huge thank you to Laurel Thompson for hiring me and helping to organize the shoot. Dresses by Erin Hutch Couture, hair and makeup by the Golden Wishbone.  Models: Jessica Marshall, Jessica Lam, Joseph Mikkelson, and Zachary Smith.

Here are a few outtakes that we didn’t use for the posters, but that I had fun working on anyway.

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