Mom’s Weekend Fashion Show Posters | Oregon Fashion Photography

Each year, OSU holds Mom’s Weekend in the spring, and the MUPC puts on a variety of events, including a huge fashion show with a variety of renowned designers from Corvallis and Portland, and even bigger names like H&M. This year’s fashion show will be themed as a “Rococo Rendezvous,” and I was lucky enough to shoot the posters promoting the event! I had to wait until these posters went up before I was able to post any of the final shots, so I’ve been holding onto them for the past month just waiting!

A huge thank you to Laurel Thompson for hiring me and helping to organize the shoot. Dresses by Erin Hutch Couture, hair and makeup by the Golden Wishbone.  Models: Jessica Marshall, Jessica Lam, Joseph Mikkelson, and Zachary Smith.

Here are a few outtakes that we didn’t use for the posters, but that I had fun working on anyway.

OSU Has Talent | Corvallis Event and Portrait Photography

Accordions. Yo-yos. Indian Dancing. Comedy. Guitarists. Tap-dancing. Bagpipes. Break-dancing.

It was almost too much to handle!

Last month, the Oregon State MUPC (Memorial Union Programs Council) hired me to help document their brand new winter event, “OSU Has Talent.” First, I shot portraits of each of the final 8 contestants for the programs, which was fun because I actually got to meet all the performers. Then, I photographed the event itself on March 11th. Talk about an epic talent show! I had a great time, and I think everyone else watching it did too. Congrats to Alicia Baker, the winner (an accordion player) and all the others who performed that night!

Here are the portraits I shot first:

And here are a few highlights from the event itself!

Caileen and Peter | Hood River Wedding Photography

Both cowboy hats and bagpipes were present at Caileen and Peter’s gorgeous wedding on March 5th at the Best Western Hood River Inn, right on the edge of the majestic Columbia river. They had a beautiful black, white and green themed event, complete with a candy “bar” (I pretty much fell in love with them when they told me this) and a sweet short ceremony directly followed by taking shots at the bar downstairs. I could instantly tell what a fun couple they were, simply from the details of the day itself.

Caileen is seriously one of the most gorgeous people I have ever seen. She’s tall, thin, beautiful and has great laugh. How could I complain? She was an incredible bride.

Her best friend’s dog hung out in the Bridal Suite while we were getting ready.

Her Aunt made all the jewelry herself! So beautiful.

The mothers, swapping stories and relaxing.

Caileen’s Pendleton roots came out when she showed me her awesome black cowboy boots that she decided to wear for the day

Meanwhile.. the men were busy watching Motorcross, or Supercross, or something along those lines (forgive me Peter, I’m not familiar with these sports!) Of course, it took them less than 5 minutes to get ready.

The guy’s shoes were like slippers inside! They looked soooo comfy!

Once everyone was ready, we headed out onto the dock for some portraits and their first look!

I loved this little spot I found up on the deck in the back of the hotel! Did you notice how beautiful both of their eyes are? They are so blue!

Caileen! Why are you so pretty?

A photo with their dog!

Caileen and Peter asked me if they could get a shot of their matching scars on their forearms. Crazy huh?

They each have adorable nieces!

It got dark quickly, but we got some fun family and wedding party pictures anyways. I love this shot!

And then it was inside for the ceremony and reception. Guest were greeted with a huge green “candy bar.” So many delicious choices!

This cake topper suits them perfectly 🙂

The ceremony lasted less than 5 minutes!

Right afterward, they headed downstairs to take a celebratory shot 🙂

Then it was back upstairs for dinner and toasts!

And cutting the cake- they were very well-behaved!

And of course, their first dance. And what did Peter do?

He took off his shoes!

They both mingled with all their guests, even the young ones 🙂

Of course, I had to take a shot of their beautiful rings.

They tossed the bouquet and the garter.

And as the night came to an end, we took just a couple more romantic portraits…

And the lights on the water were just amazing!

Congrats Peter and Caileen! Thank you so much for allowing me to share in your special day!

Kids in the Community Part II | Corvallis Children’s Photography

So, I did a post about a month ago in regard to some free portraits that I took for a local daycare facility that truly cares about the kids and families it works with. I have nothing but great things to say about this place and these kids. I know this sounds cheesy, but taking these pictures seriously warmed my heart and made me really think about the joy that photos can bring to families. I know-  I’m a little over-the-top. You can stop rolling your eyes now, haha.

Anyway, I’ve taken about 700 new photos of these kids since my previous post about them, so I think that a second blog post is way overdue at this point. Enjoy!

The Jonca Family | Portland Family Portrait Photography

Before I say anything more, it’s pronounced YOY-nt-za. Not Jon-ka. Because I know you might be wondering.

I’ve known the Jonca family since high school. I met their son Aleks while I was on my high school newspaper staff, and we’ve been best friends ever since. When I had dinner at his house for the first time, I totally fell in love with his parents.  Maybe it’s the way that Andrew jokingly answers the door by hiding behind it so that it looks as though it is magically opening on its own, or Kasia’s ability to ask truly genuine questions to all of Aleks’ friends, and actually listen to their responses. I don’t know what it is about this little Polish family, but they are some of the kindest, most open-hearted people I have ever met. They also make the most delicious salads I have ever eaten (fact: I love salads).

Anyway, over my spring break, we caught a quick afternoon sun break and shot these cute family portraits in their gorgeous neighborhood of Oak Hills. Nothing too formal- just fun and happy, like themselves.