James and the twins | Fashion Photography

My identical twin sisters, Annie and Claire, visited me in Corvallis this past weekend, and we all had a great time hanging out! My friend James O’Shea was also visiting from Salem, so the four of us decided to do a quick collaborative shoot at sunset on Saturday night. James works predominantly in film, so he brought along his medium-format camera and I photographed him photographing my sisters (complicated but awesome). James has this old-fashioned handsomeness about him that is only amplified by his vintage gear, so I went along with that feeling when capturing the scene.

Kids in the community | Corvallis Children’s Photography

I’m working on a community project taking pictures for a few great families. These are the first three kids I’ve shot. I’d say more, but I don’t want to share too much! All I can say is that these kids really warmed my heart. I don’t take a lot of child portraits simply because most people I know don’t have kids yet- but I absolutely love working with children! These three in particular were just overflowing with personality.

Best of 2010 | Senior Portraits

I met and photographed 50 different seniors last year, and there was never a dull moment during one of the shoots! Because I hardly ever posted these photos, here’s a sampling of some of my favorites!



















































Sydney and Matt | Portland Wedding Photography

My friend and colleague, Peter Chee, asked me to second-shoot a wedding with him in Portland last weekend, and I had a blast! The ceremony was at The Old Church on 11th and Clay downtown, and the reception took place at the Portland Art Museum. I didn’t get a ton of pictures of the two alone together, because during that section of the night I was actually helping Peter hold lighting equipment (to get some insanely beautiful night shots of the two alone in the Pearl District and in front of the Schnitzer) but I had a lot of fun shooting the rest of the evening anyway! I even ran into a few friends at the reception- Olivia and Brian Carter (I LOVE Olivia’s blog- here) who I went to high school with, and my old choir teacher from 8th and 9th grade who I hadn’t seen in over half a decade! I love how small and awesome Portland is.

Anyway, here are some of my favorite shots from the evening!

The Old Church was an amazing backdrop for detail shots.

I liked Sydney right away, I mean, how could I not? She is full life! Always laughing or smiling.

Her mom seeing her for the first time- and helping with her bracelet.

Her sisters and friends helping out with her veil.

So pretty! The sliding doors behind her were tricky though- people kept coming in and out while Peter and I were taking these shots haha.

I love brides who have a sense of humor!

Their first look, with family watching from afar.

Then we headed outside for some quick portraits before the ceremony- we didn’t have a ton of time but luckily the weather was perfect! Peter shot the guys and I shot the girls. Look at all these happy faces!

I always love shooting one-on-one portraits of brides and their girls.

And then a few of them together- I was so happy that streetcar paused there!

They really are a beautiful couple.

The church was packed!

They rented a Bentley for an hour after the ceremony and Peter and I drove around taking night portraits of them around town. We could not have asked for a better night too- clear sky and it wasn’t even that cold! Unfortunately I helped out with lighting during that time, so I don’t have any awesome shots to post.

The reception at the art museum was just incredible though. Sydney’s dad gave a beautiful long speech to start it off.

He also made a joke about people needing Depends… and gave Sydney a package!

More beautiful toasts..

Showing off the bling!

They were very well-behaved serving their cake!

Beautiful first dance.

Adorable father-daughter dance too!

And the reception turned into one giant dance party. EVERYONE was dancing. Sydney used to teach line dances at OSU so she led the electric slide!

Everybody shout!

I had such a fun time that night! Thank you Peter for bringing me along, and thank you Sydney and Matt for being such wonderful, happy, photogenic people! Congratulations!

Jessica Marshall | Fashion Photography

My dear friend Jessica seems to be having a bad day today, so I decided it would be a perfect time to post the photos from our most recent photoshoot.

Before I show these, I have a bit of a confession to make. I have a tendency to be a spur-of-the-moment shooter. Sometimes I wish that I could pre-visualize every little detail I capture, but often I just like the thrill of turning what I already see into something beautiful.

I got to Jessica’s house after telling her that we should go for a jog together before it got dark. There she was, in her leggings and bra, getting ready in her bedroom, and it hit me: she looked perfect. Her hair was tousled and her makeup was slightly smudgy, but everything fit the exact look that I wanted to achieve. Her room was just the right amount of messy, and golden light was shining through her southwest-facing window. Her film cameras were already lying there on her bed and desk, so all she did was pick them up and play with them while I took a few shots. Simple. Beautiful. Real.

After we took these fun shots, we did decide to go for our jog, (ok, maybe we did more walking than jogging, but it still counts as exercise, right?). When we returned, despite being somewhat sweaty, Jessica and I were still feeling rather inspired. Once she put on one particularly cute/interesting outfit, we knew that we had to try to take a few photos in her spare bedroom before it was too late. We spent a lot more time planning out these pictures, as well as the details, and it was a lot more challenging due to the a) extremely small space we had and b) limited lighting sources- these are lit with my Canon Speedlight 430ExII with my Gary Fong Lightsphere attachment.