Crystal and Jesse | Newport Wedding Photography

I met Crystal and Jesse while shooting their friends’ wedding this August- John and Katy Pope. Crystal and Jesse are also from the Newport/Toledo area, and their wedding took place at the gorgeous Embarcadero Inn right on the bay. They have two beautiful boys, and many of their friends also have young kids, so the wedding day was very child oriented, which was fun (I just love kids!). It was a typical day at the Oregon coast with a little rain, a little mist, and a little sunshine peeking through here and there, but none of it prevented anyone from having a great time.

Crystal had a beautiful dress, and I LOVED all the natural light shining in the room where she got ready.

Jesse prepped the boys downstairs.

While Crystal got her dress, jewlery, hair and makeup on and ready.

I just adore yellow. Such a great color for a wedding on the coast when everything tends to be a bit drab due to the clouds.

And then it was time for their first look! Jesse waited patiently for Crystal to make her way down the stairs.

So happy!

And of course, we jumped into taking some fun pictures of the two of them.

I loved the scenery..

I took some detail shots before their ceremony:

They smiled and did a few last minute preparations

And then the ceremony began- outdoors!

Crystal looked a bit nervous, haha.

I was so happy you could see the bridge in the background!

After they said their “I do’s” they came in and signed their license.

Ate some AMAZING seafood…

And then I pulled them out for a few more portraits as a married couple!

Crystal has awesome tattoos! Did you notice?

I just love these ones!

Then we came back inside for cheesecake.

And watching children

And then it was time for their first dance.

They looked so calm and happy.

More dancing…

Gotta dance with the kids too!

Such a good dad 🙂

And laughter all around!

Congrats Crystal and Jesse! I had a great time working with you!

Amanda, Ernie and pets | Bend Family Portraits

It took me a long time to get to these pictures, but I HAD to share them anyway! Amanda and Ernie are a totally unique couple who were so kind to let me crash at their house in Bend at the end of this summer when I needed a place to stay after shooting a wedding. They were friends of a friend so I had never met them before, but they had so much hospitality! To thank them, I took some photos of just them, their house, and their adorable pets. Everything about their house and animals has this wonderful quirky alternative charm to it that totally came through the way I wanted it to in these photos. It reminds me a little of one of my favorite blogs- The Selby (photos in your place)- If you haven’t looked at the blog, or the book, you are missing out! It’s one of my greatest inspirations.

This first photo is probably my favorite:

Casey and Josh | Bend Wedding Photography

There is something so refreshing being around people who can only be described as pure of heart. Casey and Josh are like this. Both of them are kind, understanding, forgiving, loving people. They are polite and friendly and happy. They both have a lot of personality, but they are completely unselfish and treat each other with the utmost respect. Being around these two actually made me envious of their kindness but at the same time want to strive to be a better person myself.

Casey and Josh, who both go to OSU with me, celebrated their wedding in their hometown of Bend, Oregon at one of their church’s properties, Rockin’ B Ranch. I love central Oregon so I was super excited for the opportunity to take some portraits in a slightly different landscape. Luckily for me, these two were super cooperative and creative and let me take a MILLION portraits of them throughout the day 🙂

Casey started off getting ready with her friends and family.

Josh wrote her a poem, it was SO CUTE. She was totally cracking up.

They had their first look right away..

And we started wandering around the ranch to take more pictures of the two of them.

Loved this old fashioned truck!

When I had arrived it was raining, but it stopped pretty quickly and the sun came out while the sky was still full of clouds and I was left with some of the most phenomenal natural lighting I could have ever asked for.

These two can definitely be a little goofy at times, haha.

The lighting was still perfect in time for their incredible outdoor ceremony.

They did a little science experiment instead of using sand!

And a beautiful backlit foot-washing ceremony.

Bubbles are the best! And can you see that sky? It was made for them!

After a receiving line, I took even MORE pictures of the two of them! And took advantage of the sunset of course.

Found an old buggy!

And some hay!

And a swing underneath a Juniper tree! But I decided I just liked the tree itself minus the swing, haha.

Love how peaceful and happy they looked.

And then it was on to the reception!


Cutting the cake…

First dance…

Garter toss…

Bouquet Toss…

And dancing!

And ended the night with a sparkling send off! Congrats Casey and Josh! It was a pleasure working with you both!

Katy and John | Newport Wedding Photography

Clearly I have neglected my blog for a period of months. I simply had too much to edit and do and not enough time to post! However, now that the season is finally slowing, I find myself with an enormous amount of work that almost no one has ever seen! I shot 12 weddings this summer and have only posted two, and I’m dying to show and tell you about all the wonderful people I’ve worked with!

Katy and John are a beautiful, hilarious, alternative, down-to-earth couple. They have two entertaining children who I had the pleasure of meeting (and working with!) on their wedding day. Their little girl Tatum is probably going to be the biggest handful ever when she is a teenager- I don’t think I have ever met a three-year-old with MORE personality (watching her eat a cupcake might have been the highlight of my day). Unlike a lot of weddings I’ve been to, this one wasn’t so much about the couple as it was about the kids. It was immediately clear to me just how much Katy and John adore their children, and what great parents they are.

The two were married in a small ceremony in Newport, Oregon. It was cloudy, but that only added to the quiet sense of comfort that you could see when they were alone together.

Katy started by getting ready with her friends and family’s help upstairs overlooking the ocean:

She’s got a lot of fun personality, haha.

John waited patiently downstairs.

They were so chill about everything, they didn’t even have a first look, we just walked outside and started taking pictures in the cold.

I asked Katy if she would mind walking onto the beach in her dress, even if it was a little wet. She was down! I was happy.

The foggy weather actually looked pretty cool in the photos. They had a really early ceremony, so these were taken at like 9:30am.

Went back inside to take a few more relaxed ones where it was warm!

Couldn’t resist posting this very accurate depiction of their adorable little family!

Some detail shots before the ceremony…

The ceremony lasted less than 5 minutes, probably the fastest I have EVER seen. These two got straight to the point

And they went straight into a happy reception with a delicious morning brunch!

I took a few ring shots while they were eating. I LOVE the photo confetti!

Snuck in a few more portraits..

Then cut their cake!

Tatum REALLY loved her cupcake, hahaha.

Katy and John are NOT dancing people, but one of their friends tipped off the DJ and so they begrudgingly danced a grand total of one dance together. It was beautiful though.

Katy’s grandfather made her a special wedding gift..

What to do when you get married? Why not go smoke a cigar with your best friend?

Or kiss your daughter a few extra times?

And of course, have fun with your friends!

Congrats Katy and John, it was a pleasure working with you both!