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Annie and Justin are getting married in late spring, 2011, and I am super excited for their wedding! They are a fun couple with a cute house and a cute dog and they all look SO good together. We started off at Columbia Park which is near their house:

Photographing dogs is NEVER easy, especially when there are so many interesting things at the park to sniff! Luckily we got a few really cute ones.

This one is probably my favorite:

It was over 90 degrees this day, but at least the light was pretty!

When we were done at the park, we dropped their dog off at their house, and I took a few photos of them on their front stoop.

Then, it was on to the Keller Fountain! Unfortunately, it was turned off (maybe because we were going through a heat wave?) But we still got lots of great shots. It is one of my favorite locations in Portland.

I LOVE this one:

Eventually we got tired of the fountain, so we wandered around downtown a little bit. I adore this series that we did on this cute little bench:

More random locations:

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