Amy and James’ Wedding | Chehalis Wedding Photography

(Warning, this is an extremely long post, haha)

I just can’t say enough good things about this couple! In EVERY photo, you could see how totally and completely in love they were. Their day was centered around their love, and they never lost sight of this. I’ve been to a lot of weddings and yes, the couples always love each other, but sometimes they get distracted by friends and family, by decorations, by needing everything to be totally perfect. Not Amy and James. Everything went so smoothly and happily for them and their guests, and if it didn’t go as planned, no one would have ever noticed. This is how all weddings should be, in my opinion. Happy, simple, and about you and your love. Not flowers, cakes, or stress over silly details.

The venue, Red Barn Studios, outside of Chehalis, Washington, was totally perfect. The red barn was beautiful inside and out, and the surrounding fields and rivers could not have been more picturesque. Everything coordinated perfectly to create a vibrant primary color scheme. Yes, the 95 degree heat and outdoor ceremony at noon was a little bit challenging, but it didn’t seem to stop anyone from having a great time!

Amy’s beautiful dress!

Her sister helped her get ready- it was just them two for awhile.

Once she was ready (she didn’t take long), she headed out to the river for her First Look with James. But she ran into some important people on the way…

Not exactly a short walk… haha.

Their first look was a little different- James faced her so that he could see her as she walked down the hill toward him. Seeing her for the first time…

We headed down to the river for a shot. And yes, that meant walking through REALLY tall grass.

It was soo hot already by this point! So we took some in the shade.

And got a few shots in front of the barn.

Almost forgot something James!

I couldn’t get enough of this barn… obviously..

And I haven’t even mentioned the HUGE field of yellow dandelions yet!

(I’ve known two of the people in these pictures since 1st or 2nd grade! Crazy huh? I’ve also known another two since middle school, and Amy and James since high school! It’s so much fun shooting a wedding party that you KNOW!)

I just LOVE that his two brothers helped him with his jacket like this- totally candid.

We took about a million family pictures- here is the big one!

And then it was time for the ceremony!

Some legal stuff..

A nice long receiving line! This little girl was so cute.


A little bit of man love 🙂

The reception- inside the barn upstairs:

Man and Wife!


Cutest thing I have ever seen! James played/sang a song just for Amy in front of everyone. I’m pretty sure she was crying like half the time.

First dance..

Money dance- this little girl was so funny!

After all the toasts and the dancing and the cake, they went back outside to play… tug of war!

It turned into jump rope of course

Congrats Amy and James!

Cameron Kerkar | Beaverton Senior Pictures and Family Photography

Cameron is this tall, handsome, very nice kid, who didn’t really know that he was going to be doing his senior pictures on this particular day, so he wasn’t necessarily as enthused as some seniors are, haha. His whole family came along, and we shot all around the Nike campus, where his mom works. I’ve only been onto the actual campus a few times, so I really enjoyed walking around and getting a “tour” while taking pictures. Cameron’s family walked away for awhile so we could get some one-on-one time taking pictures without him feeling awkward, which was nice. At the end of the shoot, we took some fun family pictures, despite the fact that everyone was pretty hot and tired by that point. After 1-2 hours of smiling for the camera, almost ANYONE will get tired haha. It hurts your face!

Phil Knight loves all things Japanese, according to Cameron’s mom Dianne, and so he built a special Japanese inspired garden on the Nike Campus. It was beautiful.

Note to self, I LOVE bamboo. It makes such an incredible backdrop.

Nike has such awesome architecture. It makes for VERY cool photos haha.

Cameron is a football player at Beaverton High School, so we got some shots of him in his jersey.

He likes wearing hoodies, so we got a few badass shots too.

And then we took some family shots. They wanted just a tight, cropped shot of only their heads- not a full body one:

Him and his little bro:

Him and his dad:

Whew! And last but not least, Cameron and his mom:

Annie and Justin | Portland Engagement Photography

Annie and Justin are getting married in late spring, 2011, and I am super excited for their wedding! They are a fun couple with a cute house and a cute dog and they all look SO good together. We started off at Columbia Park which is near their house:

Photographing dogs is NEVER easy, especially when there are so many interesting things at the park to sniff! Luckily we got a few really cute ones.

This one is probably my favorite:

It was over 90 degrees this day, but at least the light was pretty!

When we were done at the park, we dropped their dog off at their house, and I took a few photos of them on their front stoop.

Then, it was on to the Keller Fountain! Unfortunately, it was turned off (maybe because we were going through a heat wave?) But we still got lots of great shots. It is one of my favorite locations in Portland.

I LOVE this one:

Eventually we got tired of the fountain, so we wandered around downtown a little bit. I adore this series that we did on this cute little bench:

More random locations:

Joy Yoo | Portland Senior Portraits

Joy was a senior who really lived up to her name. She was so easy to photograph- super smiley and we had a lot of great conversations about college and such while we were shooting. My good friend Jessica Marshall came along and assisted me during the shoot, and her “peeking” out from behind the reflector apparently made Joy giggle like crazy, which just made my life even more easy. We started at my house and then went to the Portland International Rose Garden for some pretty floral shots. I had shot there before in the morning, but never in the evening, so that was a little different. Jessica had never even been there before- I was shocked! If you are in the Portland area- make sure you go someday. It’s a lot of fun and great for a date or a picnic!

Taylor | Portland Headshots

Taylor went to high school with my younger sisters, Annie and Claire, and hired me to shoot some professional portraits of her for Rush Week. She didn’t need anything that fancy- just a few headshots and happy looking body shots. We decided that we could probably just shoot at my house and that would work just fine. The light was beautiful and of course, so was she. She never liked her senior pictures, so I’m glad that she was really happy with a lot of the ones I took of her!

Jenny Lee | Portland Senior Portraits

I met Jenny Lee, a senior at Clackamas, through my senior rep YoungEun- and had a blast working with her! She knew exactly what she wanted and told me that she was bringing her cello with her and wanted to take some really cool pictures with it out in a field. I LOVE it when clients have a clear vision of what they want- it’s like a fun challenge- so I did some research and decided to shoot with her in the Pearl District. Cello and all. Before we left, we took a few shots in my gigantic backyard full of trees/flowers/grass, and then headed downtown for some fun. Take a look!

Haley Johnsen | Portland Headshots and Lifestyle Photography

So, I’ve been absent from this blog for about a month, but I have two good excuses: 1) I’ve been so busy shooting that I haven’t had much time for anything else, and 2) the last time I tried to blog, wordpress was freaking out and nothing would work! So there.

But now I am back!

I shot these pictures of Haley in July at her Beaverton home. Her mother, Diane Johnsen, is a makeup artist and did a beautiful job as always (she is sooo good at what she does, especially at making people look natural/perfect, even though they are actually wearing a ton of makeup haha- if I ever get married she is doing my makeup. That’s final.)

Haley is a singer and is also represented by Sports Unlimited, so we were aiming to update her comp card with some new headshots, lifestyle shots, as well as some photos that really showed her own personality.