Photography Documentary- and the laments that go with it

I’ll be the first to admit that it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. It’s not because I haven’t been busy, quite the opposite actually. The term ended- I had a million projects to finish, I had to go my sisters’ high school graduation, spent one day in Seattle, moved out of my Corvallis house and into my Portland house, etc.

But I know that all these little things don’t quite add up to enough of an excuse for my lack of blog activity. The real excuse comes hand in hand with this video, which you may have already seen. I posted it several weeks ago to my Facebook, but forgot to blog about it.

The video is a short documentary about the photography industry and the struggles that professional photographers are facing today. As someone who is hoping to break into the BIG commercial photography industry someday soon, making this documentary kind of broke my spirit.

I’m not trying to be dramatic here- but I’ll be honest- I have not been in a good state of mind. I should be happy and excited about owning a 5d Mark ii and having the creative power to make videos and pictures that people actually want to look at, but instead I am scared to death that none of this will amount to anything real. I want my photos to stand out, but the fact is that “standing out” is almost impossible these days, even if you are an incredible photographer. You need a lot more than just good photos to make it. You need business sense, personality, dedication, new media understanding, video understanding, and luck.

Being gloomy isn’t going to get me anywhere though, so I am going to start posting more, shooting more, and overall working harder than ever. I took several weeks to think and sulk, and now I am going to move on.

In the meantime, please watch the documentary if you haven’t seen it yet. It will open your eyes. It’s only ten minutes. The people I interviewed have some really, really interesting things to say. It’s by no means perfect- but it’s informative.

Here is the link:

Goodbye, Photography from Katy Weaver on Vimeo.

One thought on “Photography Documentary- and the laments that go with it

  1. This video was absolutely bang on, Katy.
    It’s exactly where I’m at with my photography, too.

    It’s an interesting cycle that I find is only accentuated with the growth of the internet. It’s almost as if, as an artist or photographer, we lead two lives: One where your art form is above par offline, but at the same time as you dig deeper into the online world, you discover how many amazing photographers there are out there.. and it’s at that point that I become less passionate, because as you said, it’s hard to stand out online. It’s easier to do it in person, or in your close network wherein you’re not as easily compared to the millions of other photographers in the world.

    I guess you just have to push through the “Dip” as Seth Godin would suggest… it’s not easy though.

    Thanks for articulating my thoughts perfectly, though… the video was great!

    And, for all purposes’ sake, I appreciate your art.
    I’ve been absorbing it for a while on flickr, and it’s powerful. It has the potential to take you wherever you want it to.


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