Jennifer, Christopher and Baby | Corvallis Maternity Photography

I have always wanted to take maternity pictures and I finally got my first chance a few weeks ago! I met Christopher Thomas several years ago online, through my flickr. He was very supportive of my photography back when I was about 16 years old and really didn’t have a clue what I was doing, haha. He’s left me numerous comments over the years and always been a nice online acquaintance that I have enjoyed hearing from. Earlier this year, we became facebook friends, and he sent me a message telling me that his wife, Jennifer, was pregnant with their first child, and that they would love to hire me for a maternity shoot. I was ecstatic.

Christopher and Jennifer met me in Corvallis on a gorgeous morning and we went for a nice long stroll at Bald Hill park, taking photos in the grass, by the barn, and in a field. It was a really peaceful, fun shoot, and it was wonderful to finally meet these people who I had known for years but never actually met. The photos came out extremely well, and I am definitely hoping to do more maternity work in the future!

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  1. the angles are great. My favorite one is the black and white one of them by the barn. She is looking up at him smiling and he is looking away.

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