Animated Self Portrait

I’m in a painting class, and one of our assignments was to do a conceptual self portrait. I’ve always kind of struggled with figuring out who I am, so I decided that instead of creating a single painting, I would create a moving, animated video made up of many paintings. The fact that it was made using stop motion/a camera/final cut pro would already say a lot about who I am, and the content of the animation, well, that is sort of left to your own interpretation.

Trying to do this animated short was really overly ambitious on my part, so it’s very short and not as resolved as I would like. I only really had a week or two on the assignment, and it’s not like I have the time in my schedule to devote to hours and hours of painting.

This was also really challenging because I am somewhat of a perfectionist, and I simply had to force myself to consider that every frame was not important- the gestalt principle was really at play. At some points I needed to time myself to make sure I didn’t spend more than 10 minutes on each individual painting. It really took way too long.

The plus side of this whole project was that my professor, artist Shelley Jordon, had been looking for someone to work with her on her own painting animations, and when she saw some of my work she decided to hire me for next year. I am really looking forward to working with her at the end of the summer, as well as during the rest of next year.

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