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I’ve had this friend, Vishal Khemlani, for the past few years who never ceases to amaze me by giving me unique photographic opportunities. He started off by convincing me to shoot SigStock- this big 3-day Greek philanthropy at OSU, when I was a freshman. My sophomore year, they put on a similar event, this time calling it REVIVE, and I took photos of that too. Later that year (last summer), Vishal passed my name on to his friend Vivek in Seattle, and I traveled north to shoot the First Annual Walk for Values in Seattle, Washington.

However, this year, Vishal had other plans for me.

His dad, Andre Khemlani, is a professional tailor who creates beautiful custom-made suits and clothing for clients all over the world. Vishal was helping his dad redo his website and wanted some photos of clothing, fabric, details, as well as fashion shots of people wearing the clothes.

So, I made it happen.

I shot a bunch of detail shots in my home, and then went out one night in Portland with Vishal and three of his med-school buddies, David, Junior and Jacob. We met up at The Nines, an absolutely stunning hotel downtown, and took shots in a small library, on couches in the lobby, and then up at the rooftop bar.

I was super impressed by the modeling capabilities of the four medical students. During most of the shoot they were actually reciting random medical facts in preparation for a test they had coming up- it was actually pretty hilarious.

Here is a sampling of the photos!

And here are some of the detail shots I took at another time-

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