Mother’s Day Shoot with Jackie and her mom

I advertised a Mom’s Weekend/Mother’s Day special on my facebook fan page and I booked a shoot with a girl named Jackie here at OSU. Her  mom was coming to visit all the way from Sacramento, Calif., and she wanted to take some fun pictures with her during their short visit together. It looked like it was supposed to rain- but we lucked out and the weather held despite the gloomy skies we encountered. We wandered around on campus in various patches of the gorgeous rhododendrons, as well as the MU and Women’s Building- two of my favorite places to take pictures at Oregon State.

I absolutely love shooting with pairs of people (couples, siblings, parents with kids, etc) because I get a sneak peak into their interactions and personalities. Moms and daughters all share a special bond and it’s not your average type of family photo- since most families either take pictures all together, just parents, just siblings or alone. Just spending the time together doing a photoshoot like this is something I’d even like to do with MY mom, now that I have thought about it.

Anyway, here are the shots!

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