Yossi Lemel visits Oregon State | Corvallis Event Photography

The OSU Art Department has the most incredible lecture series called the Visiting Artist and Scholar Program. The series brings incredibly talented and often world famous artists to OSU to give a public presentation about their work, as well as visit classes and work directly with art students to critique their work.

So far this year I have had the unique priviledge of meeting (and hanging out with) the renowned Peregrine Honig, Adel Abidin and most recently, Yossi Lemel.

Each one of these artists took the time to actually talk to me in person and left a profound impact on me overall. I’ll never forget Peregrine’s quirky yet bold personality, Adel’s totally blunt honesty, or Yossi’s friendly yet candid self. If you haven’t heard of these people, check out their sites- their work is mind blowing.

I was smart enough to bring my camera while Yossi was giving his lecture, so I got some somewhat interesting shots of him while he was speaking. Yes- they are the classic talking head shots that every photojournalist dreads, but I still like them to a certain degree simply because Yossi was so expressive.

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