Take Back the Night | Corvallis Event Photography

It has been a busy term and I haven’t had much time to keep this blog up to date. I’ve been shooting often, but it’s been a very different form of photography than I am used to. I’ve started working for The Daily Barometer again- this time as a staff photographer, so I have been working on shooting a variety of events and feature photos and a little less fashion work. Shooting at unpredictable events is really a good way to practice working on my feet (great for future wedding work).

Here are some shots from an annual sexual violence awareness event called Take Back the Night. Men and women gathered in the Quad on OSU’s campus to eat, drink, talk and listen to some really touching speakers who had almost everyone in tears. Afterward, they participated in a silent candlelight vigil and then marched and chanted around campus and the community.

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