Masquerade Revolution | Corvallis Fashion Photography

Every year at Oregon State, the MUPC holds a Mom’s Weekend fashion show with student models and real designers. This year, I was contacted to shoot the posters to promote the event. I worked with three lovely ladies- Jackie Sims (creative director), Victoria Hassman (makeup artist/model) and Laurel Thompson (model) – and we came up with a Lady Gaga inspired “mask” concept because the theme for the show is a masquerade revolution.

Victoria did an awesome job with makeup and I had a great time working with the girls. We actually shot these in my home.

I shot these a long time ago but had to wait to post them until the posters went up on campus. The graphic design was done by someone else but unfortunately I do not know their name.

Here are the three shots that are on posters, as well as another seven that I edited from the shoot.

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