Change Your Spots | Corvallis Fashion Photography

I’ve always been interested in subject-background relationships and the concept of blending in with one’s surroundings- camouflaging so to speak. This idea came from several sources. It started with my roommate Audrey and a dress she owned. I realized that the pattern was the exact same as the pattern on the curtains in another room. I thought it would be really interesting to photograph Audrey as she was wearing the dress in front of the curtains as a backdrop. After I thought about it a little more, I thought a series might be even more fun, and I started brainstorming all sorts of foreground/background patterns that could merge together.

My boyfriend Wil wanted to collaborate and work with a similar idea, and that is where I got the name “change your spots.” He wanted to use the photos as a starting off point for a series of mixed-media artwork.

At this stage, the series was never officially finished. I shot five models against five backdrops, while adding corresponding makeup to their faces (it was no simple task). Wil created a few paintings from the pieces but together we never really achieved what we were looking for. I hope to maybe come back to the concept in the future to really “finish” it.

See Wil’s art:

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