Pyramid Lake | Travel Photography

While in California, my family decided to take a day trip to Pyramid Lake, in eastern Nevada about 2 hours away. I got excited after learning the lake was supposed to have really cool rock formations and be a really interesting shade of blue.

After 2 and a half hours in the car, we got to a very bleak lake.

It was disappointing.

The rock formations were few and far between and the lake was TOO big to capture well. It’s something like 37 miles long.

We walked around awhile, checked out the Native American museum (the lake is on a reservation) and then had a yummy Mexican food lunch in Reno on the way home. After lunch we took a slight detour and birdwatched for a little while in a refuge in the middle of a valley. We saw multiple pairs of Sandhill Cranes and I was pretty happy with some of the photos I got of them. It was an interesting day.

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Photoshoot with the twins in California

The last time I visited Quincy, CA was last summer, and I came down with my sisters’ best friend Elise. I took all three of the girls’ senior pictures in town and they came out awesomely. Something about the place is just very photoshoot friendly to me. Or maybe it’s just the fact that I see my sisters so rarely that everytime I do, we decide to take pictures.

During this visit, I shot some athletically themed shots of the twins in the California sunlight, as well as a few indoors inside my grandfather’s orchid greenhouse. As usual, we were short on time and patience, but a few of them came out really nicely. Later, I also took an interesting picture of Annie and Claire’s eyes with my new macro filters that I got as a gift from my grandfather while we were there.

Quincy, CA – a look around the town

When I was in Quincy over spring break, my sisters and I took a walk around town for some exercise while it was sunny one day. Of courseĀ  I brought my camera along and then had to stop every five minutes to photograph something, so it wasn’t the most calorie-burning excursion ever, but it was alright haha. We also stopped by the local pet/feed store to look at the animals.

Here are some of the weird things around town.

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Drive to California | Travel Photography

I went to California for spring break with my mom and two sisters this year to visit my grandparents. They live in a tiny town called Quincy in the northern Sierras, so we take 1-5South to Eugene, to Hwy 58 to Hwy 97 to Klamath Falls, then continue south on Hwy 39 and 139 to Susanville. Finally we drive from Susanville past Lake Almanor to Quincy. It takes around 10 hours.

We get all sorts of interesting weather on the drive because we go over so many passes and through such a variety of back country. This time, the sky was gloomy and cloudy but very picturesque, so I got some good shots from the window.

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Masquerade Revolution | Corvallis Fashion Photography

Every year at Oregon State, the MUPC holds a Mom’s Weekend fashion show with student models and real designers. This year, I was contacted to shoot the posters to promote the event. I worked with three lovely ladies- Jackie Sims (creative director), Victoria Hassman (makeup artist/model) and Laurel Thompson (model) – and we came up with a Lady Gaga inspired “mask” concept because the theme for the show is a masquerade revolution.

Victoria did an awesome job with makeup and I had a great time working with the girls. We actually shot these in my home.

I shot these a long time ago but had to wait to post them until the posters went up on campus. The graphic design was done by someone else but unfortunately I do not know their name.

Here are the three shots that are on posters, as well as another seven that I edited from the shoot.

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Change Your Spots | Corvallis Fashion Photography

I’ve always been interested in subject-background relationships and the concept of blending in with one’s surroundings- camouflaging so to speak. This idea came from several sources. It started with my roommate Audrey and a dress she owned. I realized that the pattern was the exact same as the pattern on the curtains in another room. I thought it would be really interesting to photograph Audrey as she was wearing the dress in front of the curtains as a backdrop. After I thought about it a little more, I thought a series might be even more fun, and I started brainstorming all sorts of foreground/background patterns that could merge together.

My boyfriend Wil wanted to collaborate and work with a similar idea, and that is where I got the name “change your spots.” He wanted to use the photos as a starting off point for a series of mixed-media artwork.

At this stage, the series was never officially finished. I shot five models against five backdrops, while adding corresponding makeup to their faces (it was no simple task). Wil created a few paintings from the pieces but together we never really achieved what we were looking for. I hope to maybe come back to the concept in the future to really “finish” it.

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