Katie Thorn’s Senior Pictures

Katie Thorn is a good friend of mine, and she recently asked me to take some headshots of her because she didn’t have any. After talking about it, we realized she was a graduating senior from college, and that meant we could count them as senior photos and headshots and kill two birds with one stone. She thought that she was going to be really un-photogenic, but this turned out to be totally wrong. Congrats on finishing up at OSU Katie!

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Let it rain | Corvallis Fashion Photography

Rain is such a deterrent to so many photographers, especially those living in Oregon. It screws up our lenses, makes us concerned about our equipment, makes our models uncomfortable and everything becomes muddy to walk in.

However, it is beautiful.

These shots were taken during a rainy photoshoot I did with the twins and Elise a while back. I looked back on the photos about a month later and realized these were real gems that I had previously ignored. Just goes to show that it pays to look back through your archives of RAW files. You never know what you will find when you are in a different mood- especially if you are feeling open minded.

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Exploring HDR

I am going to preface this by saying I notoriously dislike HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography. I find it to be overdone and fake looking, with people typically using it as a crutch, hoping their audience will be so fascinated by the effect that they will forget to look at the composition.

However, I needed to try it out for myself to really understand it. So I did. It wasn’t quite as bad as I thought. However, it is not something you are going to see me trying a lot.

Wil and I got up super early one day (and by “got up” I mean that he just came and picked me up when he got off work- which is at 6:30am) and he very kindly drove my groggy butt all around the Corvallis countryside in search of some sort of interesting subject matter. We found a cool church which proved to be somewhat interesting, and then went to this weird meth lab and abandoned chicken farm that I knew about. This structure was far more fascinating (hah).

Anyways, here are my HDR shots from the outing, as well as some of the photos that are not processed in HDR, but were taken that same day.

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Diptych Nudes

I shot a variety nudes for a project last month, and I didn’t know what to do with them for awhile because posting them tends to make people uncomfortable. In my head, I have always toyed with the idea of creating diptychs, but it is something I have never really tried to any extent. The idea came to mind that I might try combining something simple and beautiful that you see everyday with something as striking and forbidden. The result is after the jump (I didn’t want to post these on the main page- NSFW artistic nudes).

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