As a Christmas gift this year, my younger sisters pooled their money and bought me an AMAZING book:  Annie Leibovitz: A Photographer’s Life (on Amazon here). I absolutely love her work and have an incredible amount of respect for her career. I’ve been starting to go through it (it’s HUGE) and read through the beginning part where Leibovitz explains the photos and her reasoning behind the book. What struck me was how much of her motivation was clearly out of the love, respect, and feelings of loss she had towards the late Susan Sontag, who was with her during the years the book encompasses. When you flip through the pictures, there is so much visual evidence of this that I almost teared up reading it.

I think there is a special relationship between every photographer and their respective husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/partner. The photos you take of someone you know extremely well, down to their little idiosyncrasies in their personality and physical self, are not the same as the photos you take of friends and models. Sure, you can take the time to get to know these people, but it’s not the same as the way you feel when you point your lens at your blushing counterpart.

A lot goes into these images.

I don’t take a ton of pictures of my boyfriend Wil, but the ones I take, I like. They say something. It’s in his eyes, and it’s more than just, “Katy get that f*cking camera out of my face.”

So here are some recent shots, or rather, groups of shots of that person in my life.

Here’s to love.

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