CC | Portland Senior Portraits

All photos tell stories, whether big or small, but ultimately these stories usually leave more questions asked than answered. The best thing about blogging and flickering and facebooking and having a million different websites is being able to explain the stories behind the photos. I’ve gotten a lot of positive feedback from people over the years (especially on Flickr) about my descriptions of photos, and I feel like I have been slacking lately. There are two things I would like to fix in this regard:

  1. I want to start telling more. Flickr, and even this blog, is so boring when there are only pictures and no captions, or all the pictures have the SAME caption. Or the caption is so short its pointless. You don’t have to read the text if you don’t want to- that is your choice. However, if you want to read it, I want my viewers to have the option 🙂
  2. I want to support the people who support me. This means leaving more comments on flickr. Reading other people’s blogs. Returning people’s messages to me about random photography-related things. I get so much love and support from the internet community, and I feel like I give so little back these days. I am NOT so busy that I do not have time to stop by and give some feedback on other people’s work. I would absolutely, 100 percent NOT be where I am today without the support of many strangers, and I do not want to lose touch with these people as I drift into a narcissistic adulthood.

So. Those are some new years resolutions for my internet usage. Haha.

And here is the story for these photos:


Cissey, or better, CC, and I met my junior year in high school. We were assigned to be Group 4 partners because our last names were at the VERY end of the alphabet together. Anyone who knows about the International Baccaleureate Diploma Program (like AP) knows what Group 4 is – but if you don’t, it’s essentially a big group science project that sucks when you are in high school.

Anyways, CC and I became unlikely friends at a time in my life when I had no one else really. She “adopted” me into her older, cooler little posse of seniors, and I proceeded to become great friends with a group of people who all moved away seven months later and went to college. CC moved to Washington D.C and I stayed in high school for my own senior year, but never forgot about her.

Fast forward four years.

We are now in the same place as before, but this team she is a college senior, and I a college junior. So, as she is about to embark on what will probably end up being MORE school, I decided to take her college “senior” pictures for her as a Christmas gift. This goes to show that yes, you can maintain friendships while living on opposite sides of the country. I hope to be taking photos of her for many more years to come 🙂

And.. a shot of us together: taken with a tripod.

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