Website update (

I tend to do my best work while procrastinating on something else.

This week was the last week of my Fall term, so I finals to study for and papers to write. Instead of studying and writing them while I had days of time, I built myself a new website:


I didn’t like my old one for a few reasons:

  • It didn’t load quickly- and by that I mean that it took FOREVER. It drove me nuts. It probably drove my clients nuts.
  • It didn’t have much of my work available- only ten photos per gallery. I have taken thousands of photos that I love. Ten per gallery just didn’t show my diversity
  • I didn’t have any control over it. My web designer did it for free, so I wasn’t really able to ask him/bug him to update it whenever I took some new awesome pictures. That meant that the photos on there were over 6 months old.

So, what have I changed?

  • It loads fast. Significantly faster.
  • I can upload as many pictures as I want, to an unlimited number of galleries, anytime I want.
  • People can buy prints straight from it. Clients can access their personal photos in password protected galleries, and order prints from those galleries anytime they want. Other fans can buy my landscape or fashion photos in my portfolio galleries, or pay to download them. It makes the print-ordering process smoother for everyone involved.

Some stuff I’m still hoping to change:

  • There are a few navigational features that I haven’t been able to “erase” because I don’t know CSS or HTML and can’t get really nitpicky about them yet.
  • Fonts. Ew. Not my favorite.

Anyways, I hope you all get a chance to go look at it, and even buy yourself a print if you feel inclined 🙂 They start at around $5.00

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