Self Obliteration- collaboration and homage

So, now and then, a particularly interesting idea is presented to me, and I simply can’t say no.

This was one such idea.

My best friend and roommate Audrey Riesen was working on a final project for her painting class here at OSU and decided to do an homage to Japanese installation artist Yayoi Kusama. Audrey built an odd contraption out of fabric, black pantyhose, polyfill and acrylic paint. We got our other roommate and close friend Kelli Walters dressed head to toe in a black bodysuit that was made out of similar pantyhose-type material, and put white paper dots on her that were the same size as the acrylic dots on the background. I did Kelli’s makeup and hair, and took pictures of her posing in the weird contraption. She blends in remarkably and your eye doesn’t really know where to go first, emphasizing Audrey’s goal of Self Obliteration.

If you want to read more about Yayoi and her work, check out more here!

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