Experimental shoot with Jessica

Last week, I had a late night burst of creativity, and called up my friend Jessica. She came over and we ended up doing a two part shoot that started at 11:30pm and went til 4am. We first trekked over the Fairbanks hall on OSU’s campus and did an art-inspired shoot with charcoal in the drawing studio (which has AWESOME lights of course, so that was really fun). Then we went back to my house and took some awkward, colorful pictures using paper and bounced flash in my kitchen.

It was really fun and I was really happy with the odd results I got.

Heather and Colin | Portland Engagement Photography

I drove up to Portland on Sunday to shoot some engagement pictures for Heather and Colin, starting in Wilsonville and ending in downtown Portland. I will be shooting their wedding as well next summer, and I am very excited because they are a lot of fun! These are some of my favorite couple pictures I’ve ever shot. Gotta love Autumn!

Test shoot with Alex Davis

Alex is a friend of mine who I hadn’t shot in about a year, so we did another test shoot a few weekends ago. We went out to Philomath and found a cool location with lots of old tires and stuff like that. I also shot some of him using my film camera. I’ll scan some of those prints at a later date and post them here as well.







Test shoot with Virginia and Sara

I’ve been neglecting this blog a little more than I would like.

What’s new in my life these days? Lots of school, not as much client work because the weather is starting to crap out on us all here in Oregon. I’m taking a heavy load of creative classes this term at Oregon State which occupies a lot of my weekend time. I will be taking some family and engagement photos later this month though, as well as shooting portraits at the ROTC Navy Ball here at OSU. Work will probably pick up when I head back to Portland more for the holiday season.

Here are some shots from a longgg test shoot I did in my house with Virginia and Sara in October. All are lit with my speedlight bouncing on the walls/ceiling.